Compliance Officer

Location: Park County
Posted: 09/01/2021

Current Classification:

Pay Grade:    19 Salary Range ($61,942 - $79,248) Exempt

Title:   Compliance Officer

Subordinates:  Code Enforcement Department Staff (if applicable)

Supervisor:    Park County Commission

Position overview:

 Interacting with the regulated public in adversarial situations, the Compliance Officer is responsible for investigating and resolving complaints, researching laws, regulations and other information, conducting site inspections, attending related meetings and coordinating enforcement responses with other County personnel to make compliance determinations concerning alleged violations of applicable state laws and any Park County regulations adopted thereunder. This position reports to the Park County Commission and does not supervise other County personnel.

 All duties below are essential functions unless otherwise indicated. Duties of the position are not all inclusive and subject to change.

  1. Compliance Code Operations:


  1. Administers, monitors and tracks compliance caseloads; maintains digital project files, Compliance web site and the Compliance budget. Monitors and tracks compliance cases that directly relate to Park County adopted Regulations through the Health Department and Planning Department. 
  2. Works as a project manager for each case and contacts, monitors and requests information from other County personnel regularly.
  3. Investigates complaints, researches information including applicable laws and regulations; performs site inspections; interprets regulations to determine compliance with applicable regulations; prepares written compliance determinations on complex issues; requires corrective action to remedy violations, which may include, but is not limited to orders to obtain after-the-fact permits, and in conjunction with the County Attorney’s Office issued cease and desist orders and/or orders to remove noncompliant structures, prepares affidavits of compliance investigations and provides expert testimony as needed, files documents in the Clerk and Recorder’s Office on non-compliant properties.
  4. Presents information at public hearings, prepares written staff reports and Findings of Facts and Orders for the governing body as required.
  5. Interprets regulations to determine compliance on alleged violations.
  6. Identifies remedies to resolve violations without litigations.
  7. Assists the public in obtaining the information and contacts they need to prepare permit applications.
  8. Provides technical/programmatic assistance to the general public, businesses and other governmental agencies regarding regulatory requirements and compliance/enforcement of Park County land use regulations.
  9. Assists other Departments with the review and update of County regulations as needed.
  10. Assists the Planning and Health Departments with compliance/enforcement issues and coordinates complaints and violations with other regulatory agencies as appropriate.
  11. Assists the general public in locating contact information for local and State agencies with the project in question even when not a compliance issue.


B.   Other Duties as Assigned:

Performs other duties as assigned by Park County Commission.   This includes special projects and a variety of other functions as determined by the Park County Commission.