PHEP/Immunization Public Health Nurse

Location: Health Department
Posted: 02/18/2021

Current Classification:

Pay Grade: 15           Wage: $22.21-27.77/Hour            Title: PHEP/Immunization Public Health Nurse



Position overview:

This is a multifaceted job with daily fluctuations based on the needs of the community.  It requires strong RN nursing skills and knowledge as well as the ability to quickly change roles.  This position will facilitate programs that include home visiting, immunization clinics, communicable disease surveillance, follow-up, reporting and on-call status while ‘off the clock’, community collaboration and outreach, public health emergency preparedness activities, community educational offerings and innovative approaches to reach at-risk populations to improve public health in Park County.  This position is the direct supervisor to the nursing staff employed by the Park County Health Department and acts in a supportive role for the Livingston School District Nurses. The position requires the highest level of confidentiality.

 All duties below are essential functions unless otherwise indicated. Duties of the position are not all inclusive and subject to change



  1. To coordinate with all Park County schools and daycare facilities to facilitate immunization clinics that include influenza, HPV, TDap and meningococcal immunizations.


  1. To coordinate with local volunteer services and high-risk employers to facilitate immunization clinics and/or offer in office immunizations by appointment.  These organizations include EMS, law enforcement, Southwest Chemical Dependency program, school district, City/County employees and others deemed appropriate.


  1. To conduct timely flu vaccine clinics for community members and local businesses during appropriate times of year. Order vaccines and supplies as needed.


  1. To fulfill Public Health Emergency Preparedness grant immunizations requirements quarterly reports to the State.


  1. To maintain State Immunization, grant requirements including quarterly reporting to the State.  Acts as Immunization grant liaison.


  1. To maintain and update County Bloodborne Pathogen policy including completion of continuing education annually for County employees and throughout the year for new hires.





  1. To assure communicable diseases are reported and treated accordingly to recommendations outlined in most current edition of “Control of Communicable Disease Manual” (compiled by the American Public Health Association) as well as guidance by the State DPHHS CD/Epi staff and in accordance with Montana State Code.


  1. To assume primary responsibility for communicable disease calls and questions from other County departments, local medical staff, providers, and State DPHHS CD/Epi staff.  Follows up in required time frame.  Although designated health department nursing staff can act as back-up, this nurse will be the first called.  These calls can happen outside normal hours of operation. 


  1. To respond timely to State monthly test calls upon receiving notifications.


  1. To work closely with Park County child care facilities/businesses, schools, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other areas of communal residence or operation to provide guidance should any communicable disease be reported.


  1. To fulfill Public Health Emergency Preparedness grant CD/Epi requirements including quarterly reports to the State.


  1. To maintain active surveillance of communicable diseases throughout Park County. And to enforce quarantine as needed, with guidance provided by Health Officer and Board of Health.


  1. To provide educational outreach to the Park County Community as time allows to prevent spread of communicable diseases.




  1. To complete required FEMA training - listed under certification section.


  1. To maintain PHEP grant related duties, policies and protocols, and quarterly reports to the State.  Acts as PHEP grant liaison.


  1. To work in conjunction with Park County DES on countywide protocols and assists in facilitating yearly table-top or mock emergency preparedness exercises.


  1. To attend quarterly Local Emergency Preparedness Council meetings.



Performs other duties as assigned by Health Director, Board of Health, and Park County Commission.   This job may include special projects and a variety of other functions as needed.