Disease Intervention Specialist

Location: Health Department
Posted: 11/17/2020

Current Classification:

Pay Grade:  15

Wage: Pay Range $22.21 – $27.77    

Title:   Disease Intervention Specialist


Non Exempt full time 1.0 FTE – Two year grant funded position through October 2022



  • The Disease Intervention Specialist is responsible for interviewing cases, contacts and others in the community concerning personal behaviors and activities which contribute to disease transmission; to make collateral contacts to obtain pertinent information concerning other individuals who may have been exposed or infected; to ensure compliance with established State and federal laws and regulations related to disease control and prevention.
  • Act as patient advocate; educate clients regarding medical and social services available and intervene on their behalf for access to services or resolution of conflict.
  • Conduct case investigations on infected patients; documents case histories and possible infection sources.
  • Conduct timely vaccine clinics for community members and local businesses during appropriate time of year.
  • Assist with Public Health Emergency Preparedness grant immunization requirements.
  • Answer disease related questions.
  • Keep current with local, national and international disease trends and outbreaks.
  • Produce contact reports and tracing records.




·         This position requires a strict understanding of patient confidentiality, including the ability to conduct interviews without violating confidentiality.

·         Understanding of medical terms and principles of exposure infection, infectious  period, potentially infectious interactions, symptoms of disease; pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic infection.

·         Assist with obtaining current information pertaining to the symptoms, modes of transmission, control, treatment, and effects of the communicable/chronic disease assigned.

·         Understanding of CDC protocols for investigation and intervention with patients who have positive results for a communicable disease.

·         Knowledge of Modern practices and principles of medical disease counseling.

·         Principles and procedures of record keeping; medical documentation; business writing.

·         Universal (Standard) precautions and infection control practices.




·         This position requires excellent and sensitive interpersonal, cultural sensitivity, and interviewing skills so that trust can be built and maintained with patients and contacts.

·         Understanding of when to refer individuals or situations to medical, social or supervisory resources.

·         Maintain active surveillance of communicable diseases through Park County.

·         Assist with enforcement of quarantine as needed, with guidance provided by Health Officer and Board of Health.

·         Work in conjunction with Park County DES on countywide emergency protocols.  

·         Ability to interact with the public calmly and effectively.

·         Strong listening, verbal and written communication skills.

·         Ability to work with a high level of detail in a fast paced environment.



Degree (minimum Associates) in Nursing or degree in Public Health, or degree in other related field. Experience working in  the public health field with 3-5 years is preferred. Experience working with the general public and people of varying backgrounds is needed. 


Valid Driver’s license.