Weed Department Supervisor/Junk Vehicle Coordinator/Mosquito Control

Location: Park County Public Works Department
Posted: 05/12/2020



Work Unit:    Public Works

Supervisor:    Public Works Director

 Current Classification:

Title:   Weed Department Supervisor/Junk Vehicle Coordinator/Mosquito Control Supervisor

Pay Grade:     15        $14.63– $21.94 hourly                        Non-Exempt

Subordinates: Seasonal Weed Employees (4)

                         Administrative Assistant (shared)

                         Mosquito Employee (1)



 Position overview: The purpose of this position is threefold - to manage and coordinate noxious weed control efforts, to manage and carry out all junk vehicle efforts, and to manage and coordinate mosquito control efforts in Park County.

The Weed Department implements an effective noxious weed management program for the protection of our agriculture, natural resources, biodiversity, and ecosystem’s integrity. The Weed Coordinator is responsible for managing County right-of-way and property from the degrading impacts of noxious weeds. This is accomplished by implementing sound policies and procedures of integrated pest management that includes: monitoring, prevention, herbicide application, biological control, mechanical control and cultural control, as well as educating the public to handle weeds on private, state, and federal lands in Park County. This includes performing administrative, supervisory and technical duties in support of the operation of and ensuring that employees properly apply herbicides in accordance with federal, state and county laws.


The Junk Vehicle Program works with community members to remove their junk vehicles and recycle them through the Montana Department of Environmental Quality. On occasion, the program may assist the Park County Sheriff’s Office with the recycling of abandoned vehicles that are handled through their office.


The Mosquito Control Program responsibilities include administrative and budgetary roles with oversight of the seasonal employee. The Supervisor ensures that the employee is filling out appropriate daily application records, is handling and mixing insecticides correctly, and handles any complaints that need additional attention.  The supervisor on occasion may perform insecticide application.


All duties below are essential functions unless otherwise indicated. Duties of the position are not all inclusive and subject to change.


 1.    Provide Integrated Noxious Weed Management, Junk Vehicle and Mosquito Control Programs for Park County:

  • Supervise a comprehensive professional weed management program that includes mitigation, control, education, and enforcement.  This includes administration, budgeting, employee oversight, and ensuring all application and record keeping requirements are being followed and performed.
  • Manage the Mosquito Control Program, including administration, budgeting, employee oversight, and ensuring all application and record keeping requirements are being followed and performed.
  • Manage the Junk Vehicle Recycling Program, including administration, budgeting, coordination and retrieval of vehicles following state statutes, policies, procedures and guidelines. 
  • Prepare annual budgets for Commission approval. Prepare bids, financial agreements and contracts with federal, state and county, and private entities. This includes coordinating, managing and administering contract funds, maintaining financial records, monitoring expenditures and preparing and submitting reports to federal, state and county agencies as needed to maintain funding, ensure compliance and to report on program accomplishments.
  • Prepare and maintain Capital Improvement Plans for Equipment and Projects.
  • Responsible for safety programs including maintaining SDS sheets, equipment operation, maintenance and maintenance schedules, and employee training
  • Participate and contribute as a member on the County Safety Committee such as attending meetings and performing inspections (ex. buildings, green boxes, and fire extinguishers.)
  1. 2.    Noxious Weed Management Programmatic Duties include:
  • Schedule, prepare, and host quarterly Weed Board meetings.
  • Maintain the Park County Noxious Weed Management Plan as stipulated statutorily in the Weed Act and provide the plan, biannually to the Montana Department of Agriculture. Provide consultation and technical assistance to the Weed Board and County Commission in preparing, revising, and implementing the plan. Continue to implement and expand integrated strategies such as monitoring, prevention, herbicide application, biological control, mechanical control and cultural control.
  • ·         Develop Noxious Weed Management Plans for subdivisions.  These plans are prepared following preliminary plat approval and field inspections for inclusion in the final subdivision approval documents.
  • Work in conjunction with the Park County Montana State University Extension office for education, outreach, grants, and non-compliance issues.
  • Secure grant opportunities, conduct pertinent research and weed analyses, match applicants with appropriate grants and ensure compliance with donor requirements and government standards.  Coordinate, manage and administer grant programs for the Weed Board, including the allocation of funds, maintaining records, negotiating and preparing contracts, providing technical assistance, monitoring grant expenditures and preparing and distributing reports.


  1. 3.    Perform Weed Management Activities and Supervision: 
  • Perform herbicide application operations using broad jet and hand-line systems in accordance with department policies and procedures and applicable laws. Operate vehicles and application delivery systems for noxious weed management. This equipment may include but is not limited to: spray trucks, side-by-sides, ATV’s, and backpacks. Adhere to all department safety standards including observing weather conditions, traffic, water, insects, and animals that may affect spraying operations.
  • Manage and oversee seasonal staff with assistance from Human Resources. This may include hiring, performance management and appraisal, training, and possible discipline.  Assign work schedules and direct seasonal employees by determining the location, time, equipment, and personnel necessary to complete herbicide application, noxious weed management and monitoring projects, and/or noxious weed inspections.
  • Provide training for staff to include identification of hazardous materials, how to properly handle, mix, and apply pesticides and restricted use pesticides. Ensures employee attendance for mandatory and optional safety training. on
  • Inspect private properties when requested by the property owner to develop a noxious weed management plan for them to follow.
  • Annual Gravel Pit inspections and certification of private and county pits.
  • Annual Noxious Weed Seed Free Forage (aka Weed Free Hay) inspection and certification of private fields in accordance with MT Dept of Agriculture requirements.
  • Ensure safe work practices by monitoring safety procedures, working practices, conducting safety meetings, and making material Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available to all persons handling and applying herbicide and participate as a board member of on the Park County Safety Committee.


  1. Provide Outreach, Education and Coordination for Noxious Weed Management:
  • Participate as a member of the Montana Weed Control Association (MWCA), Southcentral Area MWCA, and the Park County Cooperative Weed Management Area (locally known as CWMA).
  • Coordinate with other local, state and federal agencies to develop cooperative management objectives and to facilitate effective treatment and coordination efforts. Specific stakeholders include private landowners, state agencies, federal land management agencies, other interested agencies and individuals to facilitate effective weed management strategies.
  • Facilitate weed management efforts by working with volunteers, landowner groups and area stakeholders. This includes working closely with local, state, regional, and adjacent weed groups to monitor noxious weed movement, coordinate prevention and control measures, and learn new control strategies. Conduct educational classes and help landowners and land managers incorporate noxious weed management strategies that help them meet their land use goals. 
  • Maintain equipment and restricted use herbicide assistance program(s) for qualified individuals in the public.
  • Provide noxious weed identification, consultation, and advice on management strategies to assist the public and other agencies including technical advice on equipment calibration, herbicides rates and limitations, and plant life stages.
  • Conduct community and education outreach to audiences of all ages by hosting pesticide applicator education courses, public presentations, and education events.
  • Conduct community and education outreach through advertisements, notices, in both hardcopy and electronic formats.
  • Communicate with the public to notify them of noxious and invasive weed issues and regulatory compliance requirements. Address complaints and non-compliance situations as they arise.


  1. 5.    Administer an Integrated Mosquito Control Program for Park County
  • Provide for a comprehensive program that includes mitigation, control, and education.
  • Continue to implement and expand strategies such as surveillance, prevention, adulticide, biological control (larvacide), and cultural control.
  • Participate in the Montana Vector Control Association (MVCA) annual conference.
  • Coordinate with other local, state and federal agencies to develop cooperative management objectives and to facilitate effective education, treatment and coordination efforts.


  1. 6.    Administer the MT Dept of Environmental Quality Junk Vehicle Recycling Program for Park County.
  • Retrieve junk vehicles and maintain junk vehicle records
  • Inspect private junk vehicle and wrecking yards
  • Maintain County Junk Vehicle Yard certificates with DEQ.


  1. 7.    Other Duties as assigned



Employees assigned to this position must possess considerable knowledge of principles, practices and procedures of weed control by State Law. Effective communication skills will be needed for public relations including effective public speaking skills, experience with the media and ability to maintain composure under pressure.

 This job requires knowledge of the functions, characteristics, and proper use and care of spray rigs for chemical spray application; proper use of tools and materials used in chemical spray applications; the characteristics, modes of action, and proper handling of post- and pre-emergent, restricted, and general use herbicides; safety regulations and procedures of the County. Also requires knowledge of common names, qualities and characteristics of weeds to be controlled; proper procedures and techniques of pesticide and herbicide application; and program and personnel management principles and techniques. The job requires basic math in order to make computations; knowledge of the weeds and crops grown in Montana and the appropriate herbicides that manage undesired vegetation; knowledge of 2 and 4-wheel drive vehicles used for delivery of chemicals, and knowledge of small engines and how to operate and maintain them.

 SKILLS AND ABILITIES DESIRED:  Strong management and organizational skills related to administration, budget management, supervision, contract management and grant management. Working within budgetary constraints. Ability to interpret and apply regulations and statutes functions. Ability to plan, organize and coordinate fiscal activities. Ability to use good judgment and discretion when providing information and dealing with the public. Ability to work effectively and maintain composure under pressure.

 This job requires skill in the safe operation and calibration of application and spraying equipment; driving a standard/manual transmission; basic computer; map reading; towing; trailering vehicles/equipment and customer service.

 This job requires performing spraying operations using broad jet, wide boom and hand-line systems according to department policies and procedures and applicable laws. Operate vehicles and application delivery systems including spray truck, ATVs, four wheelers, four wheel drives, one ton trucks and whatever else the County has allotted for weed control. Adhere to all department safety standards including observing weather conditions, traffic, water and animals that may affect spraying operations.

 This job requires ability to calibrate and perform light maintenance duties of all spray equipment according to established procedures and manufacturer specifications. Perform minor semi-skilled maintenance and repairs on spraying equipment; department vehicles; and safety equipment.

 This job requires the ability to provide instructions and guidance to other employees and the public engaged in weed control, diagnose problems with noxious or otherwise problem weeds in agricultural setting, and problems in parks as they impact grounds maintenance, such as tree and turf diseases. Also required is the ability to mix the correct herbicide and determine proper conditions for application of the herbicides; to monitor and maintain safety protocols; to work and communicate effectively in person and via phone or two-way radio; to read, understand and follow instructions and MSDS sheets and labels; and to read and understand maps. This job also requires the ability to recognize and identify noxious and undesirable vegetation and distinguish between agricultural crops; able to operate hand power tools, chainsaws, four wheelers and other related equipment.

 This job requires office computer skills including document generation, email, use of spreadsheets, records retention, and organization.


Education and Experience:

Education: Completion of a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Pest Management, Environmental Science, Rangeland Ecology, Rangeland Management, Botany, Agriculture or related field


Experience: Recent work experience of at least 3-5 years of weed control management or a related field

 Certifications, Licenses, etc.:

Valid Montana driver’s license

State Issued Government Pesticide Applicator License- or be required to pass exam within 1 month of hire for Regulatory Weed and Mosquito Abatement

State Issued Pesticide Dealer License- or be required to pass exam within 1 month of hire

Montana Noxious Weed Free Forage Inspection License- or be required to pass exam within 1 month of hire




This position makes vital decisions regarding programs, operations and services that are essential to Park County. Work requires the interpretation and application of State and Federal rules, regulations, and policies governing the assigned duties.  Actions and services provided have a direct impact on the financial integrity of the County as a whole and affect the general public on a long term or continuing basis.  Much of the work is governed by established guidelines and policy and occasionally requires analyzing, developing and implementation of new processes.




This position exercises a high level of independent responsibility in performing job tasks. The person in this position and the Commission develop work objectives jointly, and the person in this position is responsible for planning and organizing the work, resolving conflicts, and determining methods and approaches.  Guidelines, manuals and established procedures are available internally and from Montana Codes Annotated.  The Commission is available to provide additional guidance in work activities.




This position has contacts with other county personnel, elected officials, department heads, vendors, engineering professionals, the State and members of the public to exchange information and guidance, and coordinate public works activities. The person in this position interprets, clarifies or explains information in order to be responsive to questions and inquiries.




           The demands and conditions described here are representative of those the employee must meet to perform the essential functions of the job.

 Frequently required to stand, sit, write, read and use hands to handle or feel objects.

 Frequently the employee is required to wear a breathing apparatus when working with toxic chemicals.

 Frequently works near moving or mechanical parts; with fumes or airborne particles; with toxic or caustic chemicals in outdoor weather conditions and with vibration. The employee occasionally works in extremely hot outdoor conditions with risk of electrical shock.

 Frequently required to work on roadside right-of-ways adjacent to vehicles travel lanes where vehicles are travelling at speed.

 Frequently required to traverse and negotiate difficult terrain on foot up to one (1) mile

 The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate and the employee may be exposed to hazardous fumes or products

 Occasionally required to lift and/or move up to 50 pounds. Infrequently, the employee must lift and/or push, pull or move up to 150 pounds.

 The position requires the following special vision requirements: close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less), distance vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more), color vision (ability to identify and distinguish colors), depth perception (three-dimensional vision, ability to judge distances and spatial relationships), and the ability to adjust focus (ability to adjust the eye to bring an object into sharp focus).

            The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate.